Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Theodora Hanslowe

Theodora (Teddi) is an opera singer who needed some promotional photos of herself done---or rather, updated promotional photos, since her last set were done more years ago than we can count. She contacted us through Jane Gillman (who we know from a commercial project we did for J'tote), and we had some tentative plans for a shoot, but scheduling issues came up which prevented it from going through the first time around. But happily, she contacted us again not so long ago and we made it happen!

Teddi has had a long and distinguished career in opera, so our challenge was to take a portrait of her that both reflects her seriousness and dedication as an artist, without losing any of the warmth she has as a person and as a performer. This was one of our favorites:

You can read more about Teddi here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Auden Design Fall / Winter 2011 lookbook planning

We met with Bryce Castaneda and Steven Gordon again today to plan the shoot for their upcoming lookbook, talk about their concept for their Fall / Winter 2011, and go over a couple of girls to find the new face of this season's lookbook. Bryce showed us a couple of pieces that he's been working on, and they look fantastic! As always they're in the architectural, slightly sci-fi and futuristic style that Auden is known for, but there will be a couple of surprises! (We can't give out the details just yet, so look forward to seeing them soon!)

As always, you can find Auden's work in New York at Henri Bendel (on 5th Ave), and with a little luck you might even run into Bryce or Steve at their table! Definitely take a look if you have a chance---it's worth it!---and let them know we sent you.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Shooting with Jolynn Carpenter

Jolynn Carpenter is a model and actress who we've known for a long time. Today we did a series of headshots /promotional shots with her that highlight her actress side...and a couple of lifestyle shots afterwards.

Not only is she great in front of the camera, but she's so much fun to be around and work with. Every shoot we've had with her has been a blast!

If you live here in New York, you can see her perform live in "It's a Hardbop Life" until mid-September. She was the character model for Spider-Woman (for the TV series "Spider-Woman, Agent of S.W.O.R.D."), so if you've seen it you'll recognize her! Check it out here!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Behind-the-scenes shoot for "Checking out the inn"

Lisa Martinez called us because she was looking for someone to shoot set photos for an upcoming TV pilot called "Checking out the inn". Since this was the same day as the shoot with Amanda Sela (see the previous post!), I went to the Roosevelt Hotel to work behind the scenes for this production.

The project was to shoot still photos of the production as it was being taped, which made for some really interesting shots because of the contrast between what the video camera sees (which is planned out in advance) and what my camera sees as I shift around my own perspective (which is totally up to the photographer).

One of the cool things about this kind of assignment is that I got to go behind-the-scenes in the hotel itself too. That means checking out the Presidential Suite,the ballroom dance competition, the kitchen, talking with Eli Brown (the head chef), and so on. It's always fun to get a view of how things work on the inside when most of the time you're on the outside. Sometimes I wonder about how people think photography works...maybe next time someone asks me about photography I'll ask them to come to a fashion shoot in the studio with me so they can get an inside view of their own. :)